Private Tuition

Our Private Tuition French lessons, Spanish lessons and German lessons are suitable for anyone wishing to learn a new language or improve existing skills.  Classes can be taught on an individual basis, in couples or in small groups.  This makes them ideal both if you want a new personal challenge for yourself or if you are looking to share a new hobby with a partner or friend. Our language tutors tailor all classes to meet your individual needs and help you achieve the goals you set.  Therefore whether you are looking to buy a property abroad, want to be able to talk the locals on holiday or just fancy learning a new skill we can help.

As always we tailor our solutions to you however, typically:

  • Classes will run for 1 hour and will be held once a week at a time convenient to you.   
  • You will also have access to the Passport Language Solutions Resources Bank and the online resources page should you wish to practise or continue learning in between classes.  
  • You will be invited to attend one off events as part of our Cultural programme as well.

Don’t forget if you block book 10 lessons you will get 10% off and a free consultation with your teacher.

School Tuition

We are also able to offer private tuition to support language learning in school and currently help several children across Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales.

Our tutors can work with:

  • Students learning French up to A-level
  • Students learning German up to A-level
  • Students learning Spanish up to A-level

As always our classes are tailored to work to each child’s specific strengths and weaknesses and help them achieve the best possible results as well.  However, we also aim to make the classes enjoyable so that children find learning a language fun and are therefore more likely to succeed.  All children taking French or Spanish classes will again be able to use the Resources Bank and online resources page to supplement their learning.

Say, “Bonjour, Hola or Hallo!” to our expert tutors today on 0151 653 5000 or send an enquiry here.