Los chistes espanoles
Learning a language is a great accomplishment and one way of realising you understand the language more than you think you do is through understand jokes in the target language. Here is a list of my top 10 Spanish jokes.
1. ¿Que pone súperman despues de ducharse? (What does Superman put on after having a shower?)

2. 1. ¿Cómo se llama el vaquero a su hija? (What name does the Cowboy give to his daughter?)
– ¡Hijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
(This jokes is based on the fact that hija is pronounced eee haaaaa)
A: La nueva cocinera es un sol. (sol literally translates as the sun)
B: ¿Cocina bien?
A: No, lo quema todo.
(‘Eres un sol’ is the equivalent of saying ‘you’re a star’)

4. ¿Cómo se escribe calcetines?
–Eso sí que es
(Read it out loud! Eso sí que es sounds like S-O-C-K-S.)


Tigrito sounds like ‘te grito’ which means ‘I shout at you’




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