People living on the island of Puerto Rico are struggling to get by due to their huge debt. The island are governed by America and yet they are treated very differently and their voices are not being heard by the American government. Many have fled to live in North America, to be able to survive and re-join their families. In fact it is the greatest migration crisis in Puerto Rican history but this is not easy for everyone to do. People are living without electricity, without food, without money.
Many Puerto Ricans do not believe themselves to be American, partly due to the way they are being treated, they do not share the same culture nor the same values. They are desperate to be granted independence from America. Maria de Lourdes is the vice-president of the Puerto-Rican Independence party and is committed to make sure her people get their independence, but this will be a long, exhausting race.
Watching RT news this weekend viewers were shown schools that had been closed down. The American government has closed 150 schools across the island depriving young Puerto Rican children the right to learn and be educated therefore, giving them a poor start in life. Teachers have had to leave the island and teach in North American schools. They were also shown universities closing down due to power cuts by the electricity companies who have accumulated the biggest amount of debt on the island.
With Catalonia and Spain being in conflict and the Catalan people not being listened to, the shock to then learn about Puerto Rico as well, upset me and urged me to write this article. People need to be given a voice, no matter what their background. Governments need to visit these families and live a week in their lives to really put in perspective what needs to be done.

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