Extra Activities


How about incorporating languages into storytime! This can be either as a one off session or on a regular basis. Storytime would typically include:

  • A story read in the chosen language either through interactive whiteboard or big books
  • Games and activities to reinforce language in story
  • Introduction to culture through story
  • Resources for further follow up work and displays

Culture and Language Days

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate learning a language into school activities why not hold a language day.

Our language days involve a balance of language based and culture based activities including

  • Flamenco/Salsa dancing
  • “A trip around South America/Spain”
  • Fancy Dress

We can even work with the schools catering team to create a special menu with typical dishes from the chosen country.

We are able to offer both half days and full days and as always will work with you to design and plan a day that suits your school.

Find out about our Specialist School Services today on 0151 653 5000 or send an enquiry here.