You will notice that our solutions include detailed lesson plans and resources. However, sets of plans are also available for purchase for KS1 and KS2.  These typically include:
  • Medium term planning for every half term
  • Individual lesson plans including KAL and Learning objectives
  • KS2 plans are all linked to the recommended Early Start scheme
  • KS1 plans follow a curriculum that ensures there will be no overlap with topics covered in KS2.
  • Links to schools curriculum e.g. creative curriculum, topics etc and cross-curricular links
  • A consultation session to introduce teacher to plans and how best to use them

Our plans are designed to show progression through each year as well as through the Key Stage as a whole.

We can also help with assessment.  As part of our commitment to CPD, many of our team are working towards an MA with Edge Hill.  As part of this one of our team has completed a module focusing on Assessment for PMFL and we are pleased to be introducing this into our packages.

Find out about our Specialist School Services today on 0151 653 5000 or send an enquiry here.