PPA and Team-Teaching

With budget constraints an increasing problem, an excellent way to maximise language teaching is by incorporating MFL into your PPA cover. However, we will also team-teach with your own staff in order to increase their language teaching skills and boost confidence.

As a member of the Local Authority PMFL Peripatetic team we have been successfully teaching languages in Primary schools across Wirral for almost 3 years now, following the guidance provided by the Local Authority and advisory teacher and using the Wirral planning format.  We can guarantee you the same excellent standard of French lessons, Spanish lessons and German lessons if you choose to continue learning languages with us.

Foundation and Key Stage 1 

  • An ideal opportunity for them to begin language learning before KS2.  
  • Specially designed curriculum to compliment KS2 but avoid later repetition. 
  • Fun, engaging, helps with language development as well as knowledge of other cultures


  • Designed to support existing MFL teaching.  
  • As part of the Wirral LA MFL team we have extensive knowledge of the suggested curriculum and resources.

We also agree with the importance of classroom teachers receiving the necessary help and support to be able to teach MFL themselves following entitlement.  This is why we offer specialist teachers who can work alongside teachers and help them prepare for this.  These teachers can also work independently acting as PPA cover and delivering lessons that compliment the recommended curriculum.  Alternatively they can be used to introduce a second language.

Find out about our Specialist School Services today on 0151 653 5000 or send an enquiry here.