Passport Language Solutions have been teaching MFL at our school for the past 5 years with great success.  The lessons are engaging and children make good progress.  Staff have been supported in their professional development through working with the specialist teacher.  The teacher is supporting the delivery of the New Curriculum especially in terms of Assessment and also creates new learning experiences to enhance our whole school curriculum topics through flexible teaching.”

Nicola Lightwing, Headteacher, Manor Primary School

‘Corinne from Passport Language Solutions is an outstanding French teacher who has all the children enthused about the language – from Year 2 to Year 6. She has carefully built up the children’s speaking and listening skills whilst developing their reading and writing skills too. Corinne’s assessments are detailed and track the progress the children are making and she has worked closely with the school’s MFL Subject Leader, including delivering Inset training with her. I cannot praise her highly enough.’

Edna Lester, former Headteacher, Raeburn Primary School

“It has been a real pleasure to work with such an excellent company. Passport Language Solutions have a fun and engaging approach to learning a modern foreign language which has really enthused our children and staff at New Brighton Primary.

Pupils have begun to speak French and Spanish confidently from their very first lesson and delight in having a go. Our after school clubs have also been a real success with parents and their children reporting their real sense of accomplishment in speaking Spanish for the first time on their summer holidays this year.”

Coleen Hibbard, Headteacher, New Brighton Primary School

“The children of year 3/4 at St Peters C.E. Primary have thoroughly enjoyed their French and Spanish lessons over the past two years whilst working with the competent and confident teachers from Passport Language Solutions who through their expertise have provided a stimulating learning experience.”

Sue Dainty, Deputy Head St  Peters C.E. Primary

“Passport Language Solutions have been delivering French and Spanish lessons at Mendell for the past 3 years in order to cover PPA.  It has been very successful with the children receiving highquality MFL teaching and staff gaining the PPA time they are entitled to.”

Jacqui McCallum, Headteacher, Mendell Primary School

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