What our after school clubs have got up to this half term!

Saints Peter and Paul Primary School, New Brighton
This half term SSPP KS1 after school club have been learning animals in Spanish. We have been learning the names of different zoo animals through various games including animal mimes, Pictionary and using puppets. To celebrate our animal learning this half term, during our last session we made animal finger puppets and did a little puppet show using all the Spanish we have learnt so far.
While the KS1 group have been learning various animals this half term, the KS2 after school club has been learning various fruits in Spanish. To help learn the fruits, pupils played lots of fun games including ‘play dough shapes’, ‘Pictionary’ and ‘fruits hangman’. To round our ‘fruits topic’ during the last session, everyone made a healthy Spanish fruit salad. Before making the fruit salad, all of the children had to rearrange a Spanish fruit salad recipe into the correct order using the Spanish that they have learnt during this half term, then one by one the children came up to complete their allocated part of the recipe. The pupils had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed making their fruit salads. The KS1&2 Spanish Club at ‘Woodslee Primary School’ also got to learn various fruits in Spanish and of course part take in some fruit salad making this half term.

New Brighton Spanish
KS1 – Puppet show
The KS1 Spanish group spent this half term preparing and practicing for an animal puppet show. During their Spanish sessions they got to learn various names for animals in Spanish, play lots of games to help them remember all the new names, make their puppets for the show and of course, they also got to act the show out. How lucky!

KS2- Sports tournament
This half term the New Brighton KS2 Spanish Club have been learning various sports in Spanish including ‘football’, ‘tennis’, ‘swimming’, ‘basketball’, ‘dancing’. To end the half term, the children took part in a ‘sports tournament’ so that they could put all of their new sports vocabulary into practice.

If you are interested in having a Spanish, French or German after school club in your school similar to the ones mentioned above, please contact us!

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