In December we held our annual Christmas Quiz at the Magazines Pub in New Brighton.  We had our usual combination of drinks, snack, quizzing and chatting to celebrate the end of another year.

Once again our resident quiz master Craig gave us a fantastic quiz which included rounds on France, Spain, Germany and of course Christmas!  We had teams representing the French and German Wallasey classes, the Heswall Spanish classes and the Irby Spanish classes.  After the first half we all seemed to be doing well.  We took a break for another trip to the bar and some snacks.  Craig had made his famous tortilla which went down well with bread, brioche and lebkuchen.

After our refreshments from around Europe we were ready for the second round.  At the final bell everyone was feeling quietly confident but after marking the final winners were the Irby Spanish classes.  Congratulations!  They were good enough to share their prize with everyone!

Thanks to all of our adult class members who came along and took part, we hoped you enjoyed the evening.  Thanks also to the staff at the Magazines for once again accommodating us and making us all feel so welcome.

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