My MFL Teacher

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Hola! Welcome to My MFL Teacher. This resource was designed by our specialist MFL teachers to support schools in teaching Spanish to children in KS2.

During this time, whilst our teachers cannot come in to school we would like to make the resource available to you all to access and use at home so you can keep practising and learning Spanish.

Below you will find 10 different units which cover the key topics for the first year of Spanish that we teach in school. Some of these will be new for your children, some may just be revision, but either way we hope they will enjoy practising their Spanish.

Each unit comprises of:

  • Videos showing the teacher delivering a lesson to students, your child will feel as though they are joining in with the lesson
  • Powerpoints to help parents recap and reinforce vocabulary, giving the non-specialist the support they need to feel confident
  • Powerpoints to help recap important grammar points and pronunciation, ensuring children learn these important transferrable skills from the start
  • Activities to allow children to practise what they have studied

We hope you enjoy this home learning resource and we look forward to seeing you back at school as soon as we can!



An introduction to basic greetings, saying hello, goodbye and good morning/evening.


All the colours and a look at how adjectives agree in Spanish.


The days of the week in Spanish.


The months of the year in Spanish.


Asking if you have a pet, saying if you do or don’t and the most common pets.

We also look at singular and plural nouns.


Asking if you have a sibling, saying if you do or don’t and all the most common relatives.

We look at singular and plural nouns in greater detail.

Dias Festivos

A look at the most popular holidays and festivals in Spain, concentrating on dates, using our knowledge of months, numbers & days of the week.


A look at Christmas, the festive period and the many differences between this time of year in Spain and the UK.