The days of the week in Spanish. Powerpoint Presentations Los Dias Quizzes What day is it today? (Wordsearch) What day is it today? (Crossword) Worksheets Days of the Week Worksheet


The numbers up to 31. Powerpoint Presentations Los Numeros Quizzes Los Numeros (Wordsearch) Los Numeros (Crossword) Worksheets Numeros Worksheet 1 Numeros Worksheet 2


All the colours and a look at how adjectives agree in Spanish. Powerpoint Presentations Colores Quizzes Los Colores (Wordsearch) Los Colores (Crossword) Worksheets Colores Worksheets

Como te Llamas

How to say your name and ask for other people’s. Powerpoint Presentations Como Te Llamas Quizzes Como Te Llamas (Wordsearch) What’s the boy called? (Crossword) Worksheets Como Te Llamas Worksheets


An introduction to basic greetings, saying hello, goodbye and good morning/evening. Powerpoint Presentations Buenos Dias Quizzes Hello, Good Afternoon and How Are You? (Cryptogram) Hola (Wordsearch) Hola (Crossword) Worksheets Buenos…