On Tuesday 24th May, Passport Language Solutions celebrated its second cultural event with a Charity Wine Tasting Evening. This year Passport Language Solutions’ charity of the year is the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) in Arrow Park Hospital. All proceeds from the event will provide much needed support to this incredible unit who do a fantastic job within the hospitals ward.
Our Charity Wine Tasting Event took place in The British Red Cross Hut, Heswall where our loyal students from our various Spanish, French and German classes and their guests gathered for some professional and of course ‘cultural’ wine tasting. Wines from France, Spain and Germany were enjoyed by all.
Mr Nick Thomas, who owns ‘Taste Buddies’, a wine specialist business in the Wirral, very kindly arranged the wine tasting even for Passport Language Solutions. Mr Thomas created a perfect evening for us and made it extra special with the various wine tasting activities that he had arranged for us to do. Our first and main activity included trying various wines and matching them to what we thought was their correct description. In order to do this we of course had to taste each wine that came around and consider the smell and taste as well as the alcohol content of each which could be judged by looking at the ‘legs’ the wine contained. This activity was a lot of fun and everyone and judging by people’s reactions when the answers were revealed, it was definitely much harder than it seemed.
To end the evening we were given a wine tasting knowledge quiz to do in groups. Having been told that there was a lovely prize for the winning team seemed to bring out everyone’s competitive side. Unfortunately no one managed to get full marks however we did have a winning group in the end so congratulations to you for all of your fantastic knowledge of wine!!!We wonder how you managed to do so well…Could it possibly be due to lots of practice??
Passport Language Solutions would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended our ‘Charity Wine Tasting Evening’ and a special thank you Mr Nick Thomas who made our fantastic evening possible. After ticket sales and raffle money we have raised £170.

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